4.0inch Capacitive SPI Module ST7796

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Product Picture


Product Description

  • 4.0inch color screen with 320x480 resolution of 65K colors and rich display colors
  • On board level conversion circuit, compatible with 5V and 3.3V MCU
  • Adopting a 4-wire SPI serial bus to save I/O pins
  • Optional capacitive touch/no touch function for modules
  • Module input supports 2.54 pin interface and FPC extension interface
  • Equipped with micro TF card slot for easy storage expansion
  • Provide rich example learning programs (ESP32/STM32/Arduino UNO&Mage2560/C51/CH32)
  • Provide low-level driver technical support, and update WIKI information online
  • Multiple tests for module aging can meet military level standards, supporting long-term stable work

Product Parameters

Name Parameter
LCD Parameters
Screen Size 4.0 inch
Screen Type TN
Resolution 320xRGBx480 (pixels)
Active Area (AA area) 55.68(W)x83.52(H)(mm)
Number of Colors(Max) 16.7M
Driver IC ST7796S
Display Interface 4-Line SPI
Pixel Size 0.174(H)x0.174(mm)
View Angle 12 O'CLOCK
Brightness(TYP) 300(cd/m2)
Backlight Type White LED*8
Operation Temperature -10~50(℃)
Storage Temperature -20~60(℃)
Touch Screen Parameters
Touch Active Area 4.0 inch
Touch Screen Type Capacitive Touch Screen
Touch Screen Resolution 320x480(pixels)
Driver IC FT6336U
Touch Screen Visual Area 55.98(W)x83.82(H)(mm)
Communication Interface IIC
Operation Temperature -20~70(℃)
Storage Temperature -30~80(℃)
Size Parameters
TFT Outline Size 60.88±0.2(W)x94.57±0.2(H)x2.5±0.1(D)(mm)(Excluding cables and adhesive backing)
Touch Screen Outline Size 60.88±0.1(W)x94.57±0.1(H)x1.35 (D)(mm)(Excluding cables and adhesive backing)
Module Outline Size Have Touch Screen:60.88(W)x108.0(H)x14.80(D)(mm)(including Pin Header)

NO Touch Screen:60.88(W)x108.0(H)x12.95(D)(mm)(including Pin Header)

Electrical Parameters
Working Voltage 5.0 V/3.3V(Recommended to connect to 5V)
Backlight Current 103 mA
Power 0.5 W
Other Parameters
SKU NO Touch Screen : MSP4030

Have Touch Screen : MSP4031

Interface 14P 2.54mm spacing Header and 0.5mm spacing FPC seat
Weight(including package) MSP4030: 58g

MSP4031: 76g

Interface Definition


  • Interface Function Description
Number Interface Function Description
14 Pin Header 2.54mm spacing row pins, module signal input pins
Micro SD Slot Insert a Micro SD card to expand storage space, such as storing big data content such as fonts and images
14P FPC 0.5mm FPC terminal, used for module signal input with the same function as ①
  • Pin Function Description
Number Pin Label Description
1 VCC Power positive(It is recommended to connect to 5V. When connected to 3.3V, the backlight brightness will be slightly dim)
2 GND Power ground
3 LCD_CS LCD selection control signal, Low level active
4 LCD_RST LCD reset control signal, Low level reset
5 LCD_RS LCD command / data selection control signal

High level: data, low level: command

6 SDI(MOSI) SPI bus write data signal(SD card and LCD screen used together)
7 SCK SPI bus clock signal(SD card and LCD screen used together)
8 LED LCD backlight control signal (If you need control, please connect the pins. If you don't need control, you can skip it)
9 SDO(MISO) SPI bus read data signal (SD card and LCD screen used together)
10 CTP_SCL Capacitive touch screen IIC bus clock signal (modules without touch screens do not need to be connected)
11 CTP_RST Capacitor touch screen reset control signal, low-level reset (modules without touch screens do not need to be connected)
12 CTP_SDA Capacitive touch screen IIC bus data signal (modules without touch screens do not need to be connected)
13 CTP_INT Capacitor touch screen IIC bus touch interrupt signal, when generating touch, input low level to the main control (modules without touch screens do not need to be connected)
14 SD_CS SD card selection control signal, low level active (without SD card function, can be disconnected)

Product Documentation

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