2.42inch SPI OLED Module SKU:MSP242X

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Product Picture


Product Description

  • 2.42” OLED monochrome screen, equipped with three monochrome displays: white, yellow, and blue
  • 128x64 resolution, clear display effect, high contrast
  • Large viewing angle: greater than 160 ° (the screen with the largest viewing angle in the display screen)
  • Wide voltage power supply (3V~5V), compatible with 3.3V and 5V logic levels, without the need for level conversion chips
  • By default, 4-wire SPI serial bus is used, supporting switching to IIC bus
  • Equipped with an iron frame, it can effectively protect the display screen
  • Ultra low power consumption (much lower than TFT display screen)
  • Provide rich example learning programs (ESP32/STM32/ Arduino/C51/CH32/RaspberryPi)
  • Provide low-level driver technical support, and update WIKI information online
  • Multiple tests for module aging can meet military level standards, supporting long-term stable work

Product Parameters

Name Parameter
Display Screen Parameters
Screen Size 2.42 inch
Screen Type OLED
Resolution 128x64 (pixels)
Active Area (AA area) 55.01(W)x27.49(H)(mm)
Display Color White/Blue/Yellow (Monochrome)
Driver IC SSD1309
Display Interface 4-Wire SPI(default)/IIC
Pixel Size 0.43(H)x0.43(V)(mm)
View Angle ALL 0’CLOCK
Brightness(TYP) 110(cd/m2)
Operation Temperature -40~70(℃)
Storage Temperature -40~85(℃)
Size Parameters
OLED Outline Size 60.5±0.2(W)x37.0±0.2(H)x2.0±0.1(D)(mm)(Excluding cables and adhesive backing)
Module Outline Size 72.0(W)x43.0(H)x12.39(D)(mm)(including Pin Header)
Electrical Parameters
Working Voltage 5.0/3.3V
Working Current 52 mA(Max)
Power 0.26W(Max)
Other Parameters
SKU MSP242W (White)/MSP242B (Blue)/MSP242Y (Yellow)
Interface 7Pin 2.54mm Header
Weight(including package) 25g

Interface Definition


  • Interface Function Description
Number Interface Function Description
7 Pin Header 2.54mm spacing row pins, module signal input pins
Communication Interface Switching Resistor If only R5 resistors are welded, use SPI communication interface (default)

If only R4 and R9 resistors are welded, use the IIC communication interface

CS Pin Grounding Resistance R8 resistors are not welded by default. If the R8 resistor is welded, the CS pin can be suspended
  • Pin Function Description
Number Pin Label Description
1 GND OLED screen power supply ground
2 VCC OLED screen power supply positive pole (connected to 5V/3.3V)
3 SCL Using SPI interface: SPI bus clock signal

Using IIC interface: IIC bus clock signal

4 SDA Using SPI interface: SPI bus to write data signals

Using IIC interface: IIC bus data signal

5 RES OLED screen reset control signal, low-level reset (if using IIC interface, this pin can be left unchecked and connected to 3.3V high-level)
6 DC Using SPI interface: OLED screen command/data selection control signal (high level: data, low level: command)

Using IIC interface: The IIC bus selects signals from the device address (high level: 0x7A, low level: 0x78, which can be controlled by the master GPIO or connected to 3.3V high level or GND)

7 CS OLED screen chip selection control signal, effective at low level (if R8 resistor is soldered, this pin can be suspended. If R8 resistor is not soldered, when using IIC interface, this pin must be connected to low level, which can be controlled by master GPIO or GND)

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