1.54inch IPS Module

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Product Pictures


Product Description

  • 1.54-inch color screen,support 65K color display,display rich colors
  • 240X240 resolution, clear display
  • IPS full view panel, super wide visual range
  • Using the 4-line-SPI serial bus, it only takes a few IOs to illuminate the display
  • Provide a rich STM32, C51 and MSP430 sample program
  • Military-grade process standards, long-term stable work
  • Provide underlying driver technical support

Product Parameters

Name Parameter
Display Color RGB 65K color
Screen Size  1.54(inch)
Type IPS
Driver IC ST7789
Resolution 240*240 (Pixel)
Module Interface 4-line SPI interface
Active Area (AA area) 27.72x27.72 (mm)
Touch Screen Type have no touch screen
Touch Screen Type have no touch IC
Module PCB Size 32.00x43.72 (mm)
Angle of view all angle
Operating Temperature -10℃~60℃
Storage Temperature -20℃~70℃
VCC power voltage 3.3V
Power Consumption TBD
Rough Weight(Package containing) 10g

Interface Definition


Number Pin Label Description
1 GND LCD Power ground
2 VCC LCD power supply is positive (3.3V)
3 SCL LCD SPI bus clock signal
4 SDA LCD SPI bus write data signal
5 RES LCD reset control signal(Low level reset)
6 DC LCD register / data selection control signal

(Low level: register, high level: data)

7 CS LCD chip select control signal (low level enable)
8 BLK LCD backlight control signal (high level lighting,

if you do not need control, please connect 3.3V)

Product Documentation

Format Documents Name (Downloadable) Version Language Update Date Size
Pdflogo.jpg 1.54inch 4-line-SPI_IPS Module User Manual 1.0 English Dec-02-2019 629K
Pdflogo.jpg 1.54inch IPS screen Specification 1.0 English Sep-01-2017 3.2M
Pdflogo.jpg 1.54inch 4-line-SPI_IPS Module size picture 1.0 English Sep-01-2017 3.2M
Pdflogo.jpg 1.54inch 4-line-SPI_IPS Module Schematic 1.0 English Sep-01-2017 3.2M
Pdflogo.jpg 1.54inch 22pin QY15019B0 IPS screen Schematic and PCB package library 1.0 English Sep-01-2017 3.2M
Pdflogo.jpg Driver IC ST7789V Data sheet 1.0 English Sep-01-2017 3.2M

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