1.5inch OLED Module SKU:MC01506

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Product Picture

1.5-OLED-2-2.jpg 1.5-OLED-100.jpg

Product Description

  • 1.5-inch OLED, high resolution: 128X64 (same resolution as 12864, high PPI)
  • Super large viewing angle: greater than 160 °(the screen with the largest viewing angle in the display screen)
  • Ultra low power consumption: normal display 0.06w (far lower than TFT display)
  • Wide voltage supply (3V ~ 5V), compatible with 3.3V and 5V level logic, without level conversion chip
  • The default SPI interface (IIC interface can be changed), only 5 IOS are needed to light up easily
  • The working temperature range is industrial grade (- 20 ℃ ~ 70 ℃)
  • Military grade process standard, long-term stable work
  • Provide rich routines, provide the underlying driver technical support

Product Parameters

Name Parameter
Display Color white
SKU MC01506
Screen Size 1.5(inch)
Screen Type OLED
Driver IC SH1107
Resolution 128*128 (Pixel)
Module Interface IIC,①-GND,②-VCC,③-SCL,④-SDA
Active Area 26.855x26.855(mm)
Module PCB Size 47.00x34.30(mm)
visual angle >160°
Operating temperature -20℃~60℃
Storage temperature -30℃~70℃
Operating Voltage 3.3V / 5V
Power Consumption TBD
Rough Weight(Package containing) 12(g)

Interface Definition

无框 无框
Picture 1. Module pin silk screen Picture 2. Rear view of the module


1.This module supports IIC slave device address switching (shown in red box in Picture 4), as follows:
A.Solder the 0x78 side resistance, disconnect the 0x7A side, then select the 0x78 slave address (default);
B.Solder the 0x7A side resistance, disconnect the 0x78 side, then select the 0x7A slave address;
2.The hardware switches the IIC slave device address, and the software also needs to be modified accordingly.
For details, see the test program description document or the user manual..
PIN Number Pin description
1 GND OLED power ground
2 VCC OLED power positive (3.3V~5V)
3 SCL OLED IIC bus clock signal
4 SDA OLED IIC bus data signal

Program Download

Product Documentation


Common Software