4.0inch SPI Module ILI9486

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Product Picture


Product Description

  • 4.0-inch color screen,support 65K color display,display rich colors
  • 480X320 resolution, optional touch function
  • Using the SPI serial bus, it only takes a few IOs to illuminate the display
  • Easy to expand the experiment with SD card slot
  • Provide a rich sample program
  • Military-grade process standards, long-term stable work
  • Provide underlying driver technical support

Product Parameters

Name Parameter
Display Color RGB 65K color
SKU have touch screen: MSP4022
have no touch screen: MSP4023
Screen Size  4.0(inch)
Screen Type TFT
Driver IC ILI9486
Resolution 480*320 (Pixel)
Module Interface 4-wire SPI interface
Active Area (AA area) 55.68x83.52 (mm)
Module PCB Size 61.74x108.04(mm)
Touch Screen Type resistive touch screen
Touch IC XPT2046
VCC power voltage 3.3V~5V
Power Consumption TBD
Rough Weight(Package containing) have touch screen: 71g
have no touch screen: 58g

Interface Definition


Number Pin Label Description
1 VCC 5V/3.3V power input
2 GND Ground
3 CS LCD chip select signal, low level enable
4 RESET LCD reset signal, low level reset
5 DC/RS LCD command / data selection signal,

high level: command, low level: data

6 SDI(MOSI) LCD SPI bus write data signal
7 SCK LCD SPI bus clock signal
8 LED Backlight control, high level lighting,

if not controlled, connect 3.3V always bright

9 SDO(MISO) SPI bus read data signal, if you do not need to the read function, you can not connect it
(The following is the touch screen signal line wiring, if you do not need to touch function or the module itself does not have touch function, you can not connect them)
10 T_CLK Touch SPI bus clock signal
11 T_CS Touch screen chip select signal, low level enable
12 T_DIN Touch SPI bus input
13 T_DO Touch SPI bus output
14 T_IRQ Touch screen interrupt signal, low level when touch is detected

Product Documentation

Program Download

Reference Materials

Common Software