1.44inch SPI Arduino Module with D1mini

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Product Picture

1.44-Arduino-001.jpg 1.44-Arduino-003.jpg

Wiring Description


NUMBER PIN D1 miniDevelopment board corresponding wiring pin Pin Description
1 VCC 5V Power positive
2 GND G Power ground
3 GND - Power ground
4 NC - No definition, reserved, no wiring required
5 NC - No definition, reserved, no wiring required
6 LED D4 LCD backlight control signal (if no control is needed, please connect to 3.3V)
7 CLK D5 LCD SPI bus clock pin
8 SDI D7 LCD SPI bus write data pin
9 RS D3 LCD register / data selection control pin
10 RST D2 LCD reset control pin
11 CS D1 LCD chip selection control pin

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