0.96inch IPS ST7789 Module SKU:MSP0964

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Product Picture

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Product Description

  • 0.96inch color screen with 240x198 resolution of 65K colors and rich display colors
  • The upgrade adopts IPS full view panel, with good visual angle
  • On board level conversion circuit, compatible with 5V and 3.3V MCU
  • Adopting a 4-wire SPI serial bus to save I/O pins
  • Unique circular display screen
  • Module input supports a 2.54mm spacing needle interface
  • Provide rich example learning programs (ESP32/STM32/Arduino UNO&Mage2560/C51/CH32/RaspberryPi)
  • Provide low-level driver technical support, and update WIKI information online
  • Multiple tests for module aging can meet military level standards, supporting long-term stable work

Product Parameters

Name Parameter
LCD Parameters
Screen Size 0 96inch
Screen Type IPS
Resolution 240xRGBx198(pixels)
Active Area (AA area) 24.408(W)x20.137(H)(mm)
Number of Colors(Max) 65K
Driver IC ST7789H2
Display Interface 4-Line SPI
Pixel Size 0.1017(H)x0.1017(V)(mm)
View Angle ALL 0’CLOCK
Brightness(TYP) 300(cd/m2)
Backlight Type White LED*2
Operation Temperature -10~60(℃)
Storage Temperature -20~70(℃)
Size Parameters
TFT Outline Size 27.4±0.2(W)x27.0±0.2(H)x1.31±0.15(D)(mm)(Excluding adhesive backing)
Module Outline Size 28.4(W)x33.0(H)x11.17(D)(mm)(including Pin Header)
Electrical Parameters
Working Voltage 5.0 V/3.3V
Backlight Current 40 mA
Power 0.09 W
Other Parameters
Interface 8P 2.54mm pin interface
Weight(including package) 13g

Interface Definition


  • Interface Function Description
Number Interface Function Description
8P pin arrangement 2.54mm spacing row pins, module signal input pins
  • Pin Function Description
Number Pin Label Description
1 GNDVCC LCD Power ground
2 VCC LCD power positive(It is recommended to connect to 5V. When connected to 3.3V, the backlight brightness will be slightly dim)
3 CL LCD SPI bus clock signal
4 SDA LCD SPI bus write data signal
5 RES LCD reset control signal, Low level reset
6 DC LCD command / data selection control signal

High level: data, low level: command

7 CS LCD selection control signal, Low level active
8 BLK LCD backlight control signal (If you need control, please connect the pins. If you don't need control, you can skip it)

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